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Many people are looking to trade ETF Exchange Traded Funds. A US Dollar ETF is an exchange traded fund that allows you to easily enter the foreign currency market and make trades based on the strength of the united states dollar compared to other currencies. You can use currency ETFs as a way to hedge against inflation of the dollar and deflation. There are several types of ETF funds that you can invest in. The most popular ETF is the Powershares and Factorshares currency ETF exchange traded funds.

The Currency ETF funds allow investors to profit from the fluctuation of the value of the united states dollar. This investment vehicle is perfect for people who do not want to open up a futures account. This is for people interested in trading foreign currencies but do not want the risk of trading options. The exchange traded funds is traded on the United States Stock Exchange.

Financial News:
• George Soros betting on Gold ETFs and increases his position in Gold Bullion Exchange Traded Funds.
• Experts see Gold Price charts rising aftre Federal Reserve Announcement.
• Silver Prices move lower as traders short silver positions. View silver prices charts.
• Expert financier sees oil prices moving over $200 a barrel by 2020.
• Routers show gold stock index moving higher.
• Will there be higher interest rates coming soon?

Several Types of US Dollar ETF
There are several types of exchange traded funds. If you are in belief that the dollar will strengthen then you may want to invest in the UUP Powershares DB US Dollar Index Bullish ETF. And if you believe that the dollar may weaken then you may want to invest in the UDN Powershares US Dollar Bearish ETF.

The UDN is a “dollar bullish” Exchange Traded Fund and investors can make money when the dollar is strengthened against other currencies. While the UUP is a “dollar bearish” exchange traded fund which makes money when the dollar weakens against other currencies.

The UUP US Dollar ETF (Powershares) is a futures contract betting that the United States dollar will strengthen against the canadian dollar, Yen, Swedish Kronon, British Pound, Swiss Franc and the Euro. While the UDN Powershares US Dollar ETF is a bet that the US Dollar will fall against the other currencies such as the Japanese Yen, British Pound, Canadian Dollar, Swiss Franc and swedish Krona.

Short the US Dollar ETF Funds to Profit from a Weakening Dollar
Over the past 10 years the united states dollar has been weakening due to the fact that the federal reserve has been printing money like it’s going out of style. This act of creating money out of thin air causes a rise of inflation and a collapse of the currency. With the amount of debt that the united states government is getting into, it is just a matter of time before we are faced with a complete currency collapse of the United States dollar. That is why many people are buying gold and silver. We have seen the gold prices and silver prices shoot up over the past five years due to this. Possibly shorting the United States dollar and investing in the UDN “dollar bearish” exchange traded fund could be an option for investors. The only thing to consider is how the United States dollar will compare with other currencies. As currencies around the world are also losing their value as well. View gold price charts.
Many people these days are diversifying their investment portfolios away from the United States Dollar. Due to irresponsible spending by the U.S. government, we are seeing a demise of the currency and a rise in gold bullion prices and silver bullion. Many investors are putting their money into safer options such as precious metals, and some are buying etf’s and betting against the united states dollar. Now more then ever it’s important to protect your assets. Diversifying your portfolio away from the U.S. dollar may be the best way to hedge against a currency collapse. If you decide to invest in the US dollar etf, bear in mind that timing is very important. View silver prices and gold price charts.

Corporate Earnings News:

• Google posts revenue loss and investors disappointed with earnings. Stock reacts negatively.
• Gold mining shares continue downward trend as futures continue to short stocks.
Breville Juicer company reports better then expected earnings.
• Silver mining shares down after silver bullion continues to take a beating for futures and options.
• Green Star Juicer posts revenue increases, investors elated. Green Star products include juicers and blender machines.
• George Soros invests in Gold ETF as gold price charts move higher.
Silver prices dropped due to futures trading, long term prices still bullish.
Breville Juicer featured in movie.